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Today everything is available on the Internet. Everything has become the part of this anytime available encyclopedia- Internet. Every entity- individual or business or government uses the web portals to reach their products and services to the consumer or other entities of interest through this web portal of theirs. It can be a simple user account on the social networking websites, like Facebook or Tweeter, or a personal page through any hosting social websites, Facebook pages etc. or creating your own websites. Creating your own website requires the knowledge of Web Development. Web Development is the work involved in creating and maintaining the website for the internet or intranet (private networks). Every entity uses either of the means to market, sell, aware the other entities for the later’s interest. Information on the web has made it easier to create a single global market for both seller and consumer.

To develop websites one must be familiar with the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)- the standard language for website development. Websites are accessed through the web-browsers such as- Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera Mini etc. These websites are developed by the developer in HTML. The browser access the HTML files of the website and interprets them as visible or audible web pages.

Hex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Web Development Team includes the following skills:

  • MonthlySubscription collection System- Hex Technologies Pvt Ltd developed ecableapp for Cable TV and Internet service providers, to collect the subscription from their subscribers. It is available in Web Application and Mobile App.
  • Website Architect skill is designing the website- designing an interface,graphic design, information to be shared on the website, and search engine optimization.
  • Website Content Development to gather the data and to process it so to publish the content on the website
  • Programming to write the algorithm in the HTML format for forming the website. Scripting involves both Server-Side and Client-Side.
  • Website Security and Content Authorization to provide access of the websites or the content available through the websites to authorized users and to forbid the unauthorized ones.
  • E-commerce-development highly dynamic websites linked with databases and inventory for retailers to sell their products through internet.