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eCableapp is the product of Hex Technologies Pvt. Ltd, your IT Consultant, provides a complete, innovative business solution in terms of the IT proficiency that your business requires. We offer our ERP expertise for your business unit. By understanding your business model we develop a complete end to end solution- Matching your IT requirements with Physical lay out, IT infrastructure design, package of customized software, IT skill development of the employees or individuals whosoever required. We help you to use the Information Technology to innovate and invent value addition to your products and services. We rise with you.

These days the organizations have been talking about Change. The real change has been brought by the global business with the evolution and use of computers. The fastest of the changes that are occurring in the current era is the IT change. Being an IT literate is most important to handle these changes for both the business and individual to keep their position or touch new horizons. The market is producing better services and current products being modified with new features all thanks to IT evolution, which is accelerating at a faster rate then the new products being developed. The IT is playing a significant developmental role in all sectors of society- government, household, business, etc. When we talk about the business- each sector is now implementing the IT infrastructure and keeps a close look at what new technology is being provided by the IT market. IT is helping to reach the sections of society- students, employees, consumer etc.

The business today keeps a close look on what is the IT providing today. The early bird catches the worm. ICICI was the first bank to use mobile tablets to open bank accounts at the doorstep. Apple was the first company to vision a keyless mobile phone “i-phone” by using the gorilla glass technology to introduce the touch phones-which have almost replaced the keypad. IBM was the first company to offer and commercialize the portable computers- notebooks (laptops).

New technologies are being developed with the use of information and the demand by the customers for newer products services. IT has been helping the business units to provide added services with their core business which adds value to customer retention. The ATM today offers the Cash Dispenser+FundDeposits+ChequeDepositis+ Fund transfers+ Bill Payments+ Account Information+Mobile Recharge. The mobile phone is no longer just used for calling or sending short messages, they have turned to be quite smart. You can now surf net, pay bills, order pizzas, shop online, hear music, watch movies, play games.

When we talk about skill development, let us look at an epic story of Mahabhartha- on one side there were Kaurvas, high in number but low in skill apart from Dryodhna whose name is the only one remembered. On the other hand, there were Pandvas, low in number but high in skill in there order of expertise. And the result is known to all that Pandvas defeated and killed each of the Kaurvas. This is what skill in a particular expertise can do. India, though high in the labor force, but is low in Skill ownership lacks the same as Kauravas and is defeated by the other competing countries. Our government also stresses on the “make in India” but for this we require skill development. And skill development is not only to learn and gain knowledge but to walk with the pace of technology.